Friday, June 9, 2023
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Green City Times (GCT) - Daniel Jonas Braff is the founder of GCT. Green City Times ranks the top 10 greenest cities in the world. GCT features articles on the latest global sustainability trends; renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building, and sustainable mass transit. Gain insight into the latest sustainability technologies and climate policies. Discover articles about everything from electric cars to recycling. Contact- [email protected]

Improving energy efficiency

The Pillars of Energy Efficiency Energy Efficiency Foundations for Green Building: Energy Star, LED and CFL Lights, LEED technologies When it comes to saving on your...

Decoupling and Divestment to Reach Sustainability

Decoupling, Divestment, ESG Investments Economic Growth Without Environmental Impact Decoupling in eco-environmental terms can be defined as economic growth without creating corresponding environmental impacts. Nations, industries, and...

ISEGS – A Shining Example of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

ISEGS - A Shining Example of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Ivanpah Solar Electrical Generating System (ISEGS) | ISEGS is a 392 MW solar concentrated solar power (CSP) plant; with...

Car-sharing and Ride-hailing

Sustainable Commuting |  Many ride-sharing fleets are converting to electric cars. Car-sharing (a.k.a. ride-sharing) services provide an opportunity to reduce emissions from cars, reduce congestion...

California – Current Progress of a Climate Champion

California - A Climate Leader Learning From California's Struggle to Balance Decarbonization With Energy Resilience |  Since California passed the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006,...

A Close Look at San Diego’s HERO Program

San Diego: GREEN Buildings San Diego, Green Buildings, HERO Program |  The importance of green energy for use in homes and businesses is becoming more and...

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