Recycling – how we are doing as a global community; waste-to-energy


Effective waste management strategies for cities include efficient citywide recycling programs, as well as waste-to-energy programs (discussed below). Globally, the scientific community and most governments agree that citizens worldwide must make a vigilant, concerted effort NOW on actionable climate priorities as simple as recycling. One...


10 Countries Promoting the use of EVs

electric vehicles

In its World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency identifies pathways for clean energy technological solutions needed to reach global carbon neutrality (i.e. net zero GHG emissions) by 2050. It also details interim goals that will ensure the world is on the path to carbon neutrality....


Regenerative agriculture; going vegan to help fight climate change

sustainable agriculture

The United Nations (UN) has advised that a global shift towards plant-based food will counteract the worst effects of climate change. Is going vegan really going to help in the fight against climate change? Well, actually...the UN says that land-use practices that favor plant growth...


Permanent ban on new coal mines and other sustainability priorities

Climate Change

What are the ♥best♥ strategies for mitigating global warming? Carbon pricing? The Green New Deal? Here's a brief list of sustainability priorities that the United States should implement in order to avoid contributing to the most catastrophic consequences of anthropogenic climate change: READ MORE


Reforestation; Sustainable agriculture

♥♥For great ideas on environmental sustainability♥♥, conservation of wildlife & their habitats, as well as global ecological conservation solutions, please see>> MONGABAY.COM. also has current, worldwide examples of innovate measures non-profit organizations, NGOs, and governments implement to protect, restore, and maintain ecosystems, global wildlife,...


Economic growth vs. the environment

economy vs. the environment

Economic growth does not have to come at the expense of the environment. Sustainable technologies are also extremely beneficial to the economy. For example, the renewable energy industry employs over 500,000 people in the United States. The coal industry is responsible for under 100,000 jobs in...