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14 Tips to Save Energy at Home

Below are several energy-saving ideas that can be implemented in households, that save money by reducing energy consumption.

If you’re looking for ways to be more green at home, start by looking at your energy use. A few home upgrades, like a new smart thermostat or reflective curtains, can help you keep cool and save on utilities. There are many other cost-effective ways to invest in energy efficiency upgrades.

Here are some quick tips on what makes a home energy efficient, as well as sustainability tips for your lifestyle>>>


Energy Saving Ideas

  1. Install double-pane windows in your home 
  2. Use CFL or LED light bulbs 
  3. Use Energy Star labeled equipment 
  4. Turn off all home and office equipment when not in use;  
  5. ...and use power strips for your electricity needs; consider a smart power strip 
  6. Turn off lights when not in use 
  7. Turn down the thermostat - lowering it by just one degree can reduce heating energy costs significantly;  
  8. ...and consider a smart thermostat 
  9. Avoid phantom loads (electrical equipment that still uses energy even after being turned off) by using a power strip 
  10. Reduce your water heater temperature from 140 degrees to 120 degrees 
  11. Consider a Home Energy Management system 
  12. Weatherize and upgrade the insulation in your home 
  13. Consider adding solar panels to your rooftop;
  14. ...or participating in a community solar program




  • Free vector graphics of RecyclingReduce, reuse, recycle
  • Bring reusable, cloth shopping bags with you to the grocery store or farmers market
  • Support your local farmers and buy seasonal farmed foods and produce
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Favor cloth over paper products
  • Choose natural lawn care - stop using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers
  • Use biodegradable detergent and oxygen bleach
  • For clean, safe drinking water without all of the waste - use a water filter and a reusable bottle
  • Install low-flow toilets
  • Drive less - try biking to work or using public transit, where these alternatives are accessible
  • Instead of a car that relies on conventional gasoline, consider a hybrid or plug-in hybrid, or consider an all-electric vehicle

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