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How E-commerce Companies Can Operate as Sustainable Green Businesses

E-commerce and online retail sales is a sector that has grown massively in recent years; consumers have opted more and more frequently to go for online shopping over going into bricks and mortar retail stores. One of the various factors contributing to the rapid growth of online retail in recent times has been how the pandemic restricted people’s ability to go out in public and into physical shops. This was a result of lockdowns and social distancing measures being imposed across the globe to halt the spread of the virus. 

In a February 2021 report on UK consumer behaviour, 75% of UK shoppers said they had been shopping more online, with levels of offline shopping decreasing in the same time period. Nowadays, we have more information available to us than ever before about the damaging effects of climate change, and e-commerce companies must also do their bit to behave sustainably as businesses and protect our planet. Read on to learn more in our guide to how e-commerce companies can act sustainably. 

Sustainable Packaging for Customer Deliveries

One of the main benefits of online shopping for consumers is that you can have your orders delivered right to your doorstep without leaving the house in next to no time. However, how can e-commerce companies mitigate against damaging the environment from delivery vehicles and plastic packaging?

E-commerce companies can ensure they deliver orders to customers using fuel-efficient environmentally friendly cars that do not pump out toxic fuels. Online retail companies can also look into sustainable packaging and avoid using single-use packaging at all costs. If you run an e-commerce business and you are interested in using sustainable protective packaging, take a look at KP films and their sustainable packaging solutions. 

Reduce Paperwork Usage and Promote Recycling

Using lots of paper can damage the planet as it requires cutting down lots of trees in rainforests, and the earth needs trees to store carbon and provide humans and wildlife with sufficient amounts of oxygen. An estimated 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK. 

E-commerce companies wanting to act in a sustainable manner should do their best to avoid using excessive amounts of paper unnecessarily. And thanks to the digital tools and software available today, businesses no longer need to use as much paperwork for things such as administration, customer records, invoices, human resources and so on.

E-commerce businesses can be greener by focussing on recycling materials such as plastic, paper, and aluminium over using raw materials which are considerably more polluting. 

Ensure Fulfillment Centres are Run Sustainably

E-commerce companies rely on fulfillment centres for their supply chain, inventory, and ordering and shipping goods across the world. Sustainable workplace practices such as recycling should be practiced by modern e-commerce companies.

Incorporate Sustainable Ideas into the Company’s Core Values

Large e-commerce businesses should include following upholding sustainable practices across the company as part of their core values and mission. This will demonstrate the online retail company is socially responsible when it comes to issues about climate change and protecting the environment.

Promote Sustainable Ideas Online

E-commerce companies should also promote sustainable ideas on their company website and across social media platforms so the public and customers know their stance on environmental issues as a company.

In 2022, all businesses should try and do their utmost to operate in a sustainable way and protect the planet for our grandchildren. E-commerce companies may face a backlash, have their reputation damaged, and ultimately lose customers if they fail to behave sustainably as eco-friendly businesses.


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