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Amazon is Going GREEN

Amazon's renewable energy projects

Several of Amazon's existing renewable energy projects are large wind farms. Amazon has also developed a few solar farms, and solar rooftop resources on its proprtie. Amazon is developing a few large-scale wind farms internationally; in addition to the large-scale wind farms Amazon has already developed in the United States. The giant online retailer/ cloud network company/ grocery delivery service/ video producer/ more... has also developed solar farms, most notably in Virginia, in addition to installing rooftop solar on many of their data centers and warehouses in the United States.

net zero shippingAmazon also plans to implement electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles as the new standard in their fleet of delivery vehicles in order to lower Amazon's carbon footprint. Amazon is developing Shipment Zero; a plan to make all Amazon shipments carbon neutral, with 50% of all shipments net zero carbon by 2030. This is all part of Amazon's goal to get to 100% renewable energy by 2030, and net zero carbon operations, for most of their daily operations, by 2040.

Amazon wind farms

Amazon has developed its largest wind energy farm in Texas, which became fully operational in Oct 2017. The Amazon Wind Farm Texas, in Scurry County, West Texas, features over 100 wind turbines, for over 250 MW of capacity. Slightly smaller is Amazon Wind Farm Fowler Ridge, in Indiana and built in 2015; featuring 65 wind turbines, and 150 MW capacity. Amazon Wind Farm US Central in Paulding County, Ohio, was also completed in 2015 and features 48 turbines and 100 MW of capacity. Amazon is also developing new wind farms in the United States, Sweden, and Ireland.

Here's a brief snippet from Digital Trends on Amazon Wind Farm Texas>>>

"The ambitious project, which will boast more than 100 turbines, is currently on track to open in late 2017. It’s the online retailer’s biggest renewable energy project yet, and the turbines it contains are pretty sizable too — in fact, each turbine’s rotor diameter is twice as long as a Boeing 747’s wingspan. With the addition of this Texas location, Amazon will have renewable energy farms (both wind and solar) in five states, with the others including Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. Together, these five sites should produce more than 2.6 million megawatt hours of renewable energy annually. And that is sufficient to power almost a quarter of a million U.S. homes."  FROM  -

Other Amazon renewable energy projects in the US include Amazon Solar Farm - Eastern Shore in Virginia (80 MW); and 4 other 20 MW solar farms, also in Virginia. In addition, in Northeastern North Carolina is Amazon Wind Farm US East (208 MW, operational with 104 wind turbines since 2017); which helps supply electricity locally, as well as to Amazon data centers in Virginia.

The combination of wind and solar projects in the region is enough to provide almost all of the electricity to Amazon's data centers in Virginia. Amazon also features rooftop solar panels to provide energy to many of its warehouses and fulfillment centers across the U.S

Amazon is developing, and investing in renewable energy projects, both in the United States, and internationally-

"Amazon is committed to powering our operations with 100% renewable energy as part of our goal to reach net zero carbon by 2040. In 2019, Amazon reached 42% renewable energy across our business."  FROM -


"Amazon’s 3 new wind farms will total more than 229 megawatts in three different countries — Ireland, Sweden, and the U.S. The Swedish and U.S. projects are expected to deliver energy by the end of 2020, while the Ireland project should be ready to go by the end of 2021. Ireland and Sweden’s wind farms will provide roughly 91 MW each for the company, while a California project will offer 47 MW of capacity."   FROM-


"California's Tehachapi Mountains, where Amazon’s wind farm will be located, contain some of the largest wind farms in the country. The wind farm project in Tehachapi is expected to bring up to 47 MW of new renewable energy capacity by the end of 2020."     FROM-

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