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You've cut down on your use of plastic and been on the lookout for eco-friendly cleaning products, but now it's time to make your fitness routine more sustainable. Each day people are finding small ways to make everyday duties a little greener and becoming more cautious about the choices they make to better protect themselves and the environment

Being sustainable really is a lifestyle. Everything you do in your day-to-day life has an impact, from the food you eat to the way you workout. You may be surprised that being more sustainable with fitness involves small changes that will leave a greater impact on your health and the health of your environment.

Here are a few ways you can make your fitness routine more eco-friendly>>>

1. Exercise Outdoors

With the warm weather starting to make its way back around, take advantage of those days by working out outdoors. By minimizing the use of energy-consuming equipment that you would use in a facility or an at-home gym, you are reducing your carbon footprint. 

Gyms can be a major offender to the environment with all the vending machines that carry plastic bottles, the machines that are relied on to power your workouts, and a lot of electricity, in general, is used. Spaces like parks and hiking trails are good areas for an alternate workout space. 

2. Invest in Sustainable Activewear

When going shopping for workout gear take an extra minute to make sure your clothes are ethically made and that you've picked out eco-friendly, sustainable work-out gear (please see: For example, running shoes that are crafted from recycled or reused material reduce your overall footprint. If you workout frequently, over time, it's not uncommon that you'll need another pair of shoes, but consider donating them to a local organization. While traditional workout clothes are usually made of great materials like polyester or spandex, they are not biodegradable. Look for clothing made of sustainable fiber which is good for the environment and will keep your body cool and dry while working out. 

Aside from your clothes, consider equipment, like your yoga mat or water bottle, a part of your workout gear. For your water bottle, avoid anything made of single-use plastic. Try using a reusable bottle, such as a bamboo bottle, that is made from sustainable materials. When it comes to yoga mats, try mats that use natural rubber and are free of synthetic fibers, making them best for you and the environment. 

3. Try Plogging

Plogging is a feel-good exercise combining jogging while picking up trash along the way. This exercise is a great way to do your part in keeping the planet clean and getting a good workout in. Plogging can be done individually but you can also grab your co-worker, your friend groups, or the community to join in on this popular trend. 

4. Working Out for a Cause

If you ever signed up to do a 5k run, the Iron Man Challenge, or a cycling marathon then you are already one step toward making the planet a better place. Community fitness events and races are a great way to support the environment by raising money and awareness. There are fitness events that cater to many workouts, but make it your duty to pick the one you are most passionate about to help keep you motivated. 

As you can see there are small ways you can do your part in making the planet a healthier place. To learn more on how to make your fitness routine more sustainable, check out this infographic below>>>

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