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Austin, Texas: a sustainable city
By Daniel 2022/06
Vauban in Freiburg, Germany
By Daniel 2022/01
5 categories of change in climate
By Daniel 2022/01
Profiles in Sustainable Cities – San Diego, California
By Daniel 2022/01
Oslo, Norway – Europe’s Eco-capital
By Daniel 2022/01
Using Technology to Provide Clean Water to Cities
By Daniel 2022/01
5 Modern Waste Management Technologies
By Daniel 2022/01
Climate Solution- Sustainable Ag.
By Daniel 2021/10
Regenerative Agriculture
By Daniel 2021/10
The future generation of batteries
By Daniel 2021/10
Clean Hydrogen Power
By Daniel 2021/10
Nuclear – necessary energy
By Daniel 2021/09
10 Ways to Reduce Food Waste
By Daniel 2021/09
How Safe & Clean is Nuclear ☢️ Energy?
By Daniel 2021/08
Renewable Energy Jobs are UP, and RE cost is down
By Daniel 2021/08


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Green City Times articles on the latest global sustainability trends

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COP21 Paris Climate Accord- a historic step forward for clean energy

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Feed-in tariffs - simple incentives to further renewable energy

Solutions to fossil fuels

Micro-grids: powering the future

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Stabilize greenhouse gas emissions

Creating clean coal - carbon capture and storage

Combined heat and power (cogeneration) - making the most of energy

European green building is leading the way forward

Paris: curbing auto emissions for cleaner air

Vancouver- alternative transit capital of North America

The biggest solar plant on the globe: in India?

Gasification - syngas from fossil fuels and environmentally friendly versions

Anaerobic digestion- a proven solution to our waste problem

Algae : the future of biofuel

Putting a price on carbon

The United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference 2015

Power2Gas - renewable energy storage and transportation with great potential

Recycling and education in Curitiba

The Cottle Zero Energy Home: a stepping stone towards the 2020 CA Zero Net Energy mandate

Cellulosic biofuel - fuel solutions

Copenhagen bids to Be 100% Carbon Neutral Capital

Coal vs. Natural Gas

12 surprising ways you can help the environment

Geothermal district heating in Iceland

Energy Star - an international standard

Europe's greenest city district

Demand response: improving energy efficiency

Home Energy Management (HEM)

Next-generation batteries

Hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles

Renewable energy storage

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS)

Smart meters - a more efficient use of utilities

London Array - paving the way for efficient offshore wind energy farms

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm — Denmark’s most powerful source of renewable energy

The 550 megawatt Topaz Solar Farm

The BIGGEST solar plant in the world: in India?

Clean Hydrogen in European Cities (CHIC); H2BusEurope

LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design)

Community solar and net metering – pushing renewable energy forward

Recycling: how we are doing as a global community

Vaxjo, Sweden (passivehouse construction practices)

The battle against climate change - nationally determined contributions