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Yearly Archives: 2020

The Role of E-mobility Trends in Decarbonizing Transit

Decarbonizing the Transportation Sector with E-mobility | It's no secret that transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation accounted for 27% of all U.S. emissions in 2020. The good news is that there are a number of trends that are helping to decarbonize the transportation sector. One of the most promising is the rise of electric vehicles and other e-mobility options, like electric bikes and scooters. [Please click the thumbnail image to read more...]

EVs and the Future of Urban Transit

EV Infrastructure | What will be done to develop electric vehicle infrastructure? With cars that will only run on electrical energy, there must be significantly additional EV charging stations developed in world cities. EV charging stations must be developed to be ubiquitous in some cities, and plentiful in most vehicle-heavy cities worldwide. When ICE phase-outs begin to be implemented in world cities, there will be a much greater need to have gas stations updated and/or replaced...

Recycling – How We Are Doing as a Global Community; Waste-to-Energy

Recycle to GO GREEN Effective waste management strategies for cities include citywide recycling programs, circular economy strategies, as well as waste-to-energy programs (discussed below). A...

Breakthroughs in Onshore and Offshore Wind Energy

Latest trends in wind turbine technology | Wind Farms - Clean, Cost-efficient Energy | Onshore wind farms now provide the least expensive form of energy, renewable...

Nuclear – necessary energy

Clean Energy | Both nuclear and renewable energy are needed in the global energy mix to help fight climate change.  In order to cut down on...

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