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Monthly Archives: October, 2022

Future Generations of Batteries

What are future generations of batteries going to be? Next-Generation Li-ion Batteries   Next-gen lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries can charge quickly, are rechargeable, have a higher capacity, and...

10 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Significant amounts of food waste originates from cities. Urbanites can use food waste reduction methods and technologies to maximize food supply, and reduce ecological degradation stemming from waste. City dwellers actually have abundant resources and solutions available to them to save food for future household consumption, gather food for charity, and compost food scraps...

Modern Sustainable Waste Management Technologies

5 Ways for Smart Cities to Implement Sustainable Waste Management | Article by Jane Marsh | Cities worldwide are implementing zero-waste strategies. Countless places worldwide are using advances in technology to help keep their cities clean. As cities test new waste management ideas, they learn what does and does not work...

10+ IoT and Sustainability Technologies for Smart Cities

IoT Technologies Benefit Sustainable Cities | by Jane Marsh | As the conversation around greenhouse gas emissions and climate change intensifies, cities are implementing green initiatives to make life easier and healthier for the planet and people...

Profiles in Sustainable Cities – San Diego, California

Sustainable cities, like San Diego, have eco-city designs that prioritize the consideration of social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate mitigation policies and sustainability policies. Green cities also prioritize resilient, thriving urban habitats for existing residents. Among the top of any list of these clean, green eco-cities is San Diego, California...

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Future Generations of Batteries 36025 2022/10

Future Generations of Batteries 36025 2022/10