3 Ways to Make Small Business Sustainable

Three Unique Ways to Make Your Small Business More Sustainable


In every small business, there’s a need to be as efficient as possible. Put simply, owners must ensure that wasteful business processes are minimized and that they get the best value from all their operations. Staff need to harness the latest technology to work as effectively as possible while working to high levels of output and quality. 

In recent years, there has been a concerted effort by all businesses, including smaller firms, to adopt more sustainable working practices. These types of sustainable operations and methodologies allow companies to limit their impact on the natural world, reduce emissions, and help in the ongoing fight against climate change and global warming. In this article, three unique ways that small business owners can make their organizations operate in a more sustainable way will be explored.

Encourage Remote Working


The recent COVID-19 pandemic, which became truly global in early 2020, forced millions of businesses to adopt remote working practices at short notice. This was required to ensure that government restrictions on the movement of citizens could be adhered to so that the spread of the virus could be slowed, and key healthcare infrastructure was protected from overload. 

While the most devastating effects of the pandemic have diminished in 2023, the benefits of remote working in the context of sustainability are now beginning to be widely understood. One of the key benefits of remote working is that it reduces the need for vehicle journeys and the use of public transport. Remote workers don’t need to commute to a centralized office or workplace each day, thus reducing CO2 emissions from cars and public transport. It was estimated that CO2 emissions dropped by 15% in 2020 as a direct result of the mass adoption of remote working practices. 

Choose Sustainable Packaging


Almost all forms of small businesses will use some form of packaging in their operations. This may be the packaging that is used to send out products to end consumers and materials that are used to protect equipment and supplies for business use. 

In 2023, there are several firms that specialize in creating sustainable packaging. For example, Klockner Pentaplast sustainable packaging is made with up to 100% recycled materials in its construction. This helps to reduce the demand for newly manufactured materials and plastics that are used in the packaging industry. These packaging materials can be recycled again once they’ve served their purpose and may be reused effectively many more times. 

In short, choosing firms that produce sustainable packaging for your business needs can help to protect the environment, reduce reliance on landfill sites, and create a greener business world.

Invest in a Corporate Transport Vehicle


Many small businesses will need their staff to attend corporate events such as trade shows and company presentations. In addition, firms commonly hold staff parties during the festive season and may even hold a yearly staff award in a central location. 

In these circumstances, it may be beneficial to invest in a company vehicle that’s capable of mass worker transport (such as a corporate minibus).  These vehicles will produce less CO2 per journey compared to individual private vehicles, which can help to lower an organization’s carbon footprint. 

Today, there are an increasing number of zero-emission vehicles that are powered by electricity. These types of minibus are the natural evolution of group transport for company use and will further improve an organization’s sustainability credentials.