DIY Crafting With Natural Elements

Diy Crafting With Natural Elements

DIY Crafting With Natural Elements: Stones, Seashells & Spores


Looking to expand your creative horizons? The world of crafting has so much to offer beginners and experts alike. From expressing your originality for personal enjoyment to creating exceptional gifts for loved ones, crafting can be the perfect pursuit for those with a passion for creativity. Plus, there are countless ideas and materials at your disposal!

Below, we’ll go over a few natural elements to consider when embarking on your next crafting adventure.

Natural elements are great for crafting. They can bring an earthy, enchanting appeal to a project and help a finished piece feel more grounded. They are also more earth-friendly and sustainable materials, especially when compared with plastic or artificial replications.

Using natural pieces can help enhance the health-boosting effects of crafting as well. Research shows that, regardless of the medium, crafting supports our mental agility, works as a natural antidepressant, and even decreases cognitive decline as we age.

One such component a budding or experienced craftsperson could put to use are stones. Plain or colorful, stones can be utilized to spruce up all sorts of projects. It could be something as simple as using double-sided tape to affix a series of pebbles on a wall for easy and unique hanging storage solutions.

Another family-centered idea is to paint or otherwise decorate stones for fun garden markers. You could let the kids loose with smiley faces, ladybugs and butterflies or give the garden extra flair with fruit and vegetable-themed cartoon characters. The possibilities are endless.

Along the same lines is using seashells for home décor or homemade jewelry. Next time you’re at the beach, bring home an assortment of these small souvenirs. That way, you can create a wide range of projects like a mosaic masterpiece, distinctive wind chimes or simply add some beachy vibes to a commemorative photo frame. All it takes is some adhesive and imagination to beautify your abode or style a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory.

Last, but not least, one way to add natural flair in an unexpected way is with mushroom spores. Mushrooms and other fungi spread through spores. These could be collected or purchased through specialty venues to be used in a variety of crafting activities. For example, when arranging a living terrarium or vivarium, spores can be sprinkled over the moss or soil.

This gives the enchanting little landscape an additional decorative element and helps support the tiny ecosystem. Another venture is to make a mushroom spore print. With the right paper and a workable fixative, this cool project could enrich a greeting card, postcard, or any number of cardstock ideas using just the wonders of nature and a little ingenuity.

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