Electric Cars: Better for the Planet

Telsa model 3

Electric Cars: Better for the Planet and your love life, new study reveals

Being attracted to someone because they have a nice car may feel like an outdated view. But according to recent research, this rings true – or at least, to an extent. The rise of Tesla and the introduction of the petrol and diesel ban, due to be implemented in 2030 in the UK, has resulted in a rise in electric vehicle (EV) sales. But does owning or driving one of these vehicles make someone more dateable? Apparently so…

The rise in popularity of the EV

Endless stats are showcasing the ongoing popularity of electric vehicles. Over 85,000 people in the UK searched for ‘electric car’ in January 2023 alone. In comparison, just 39,000 people searched for ‘electric car’ in January 2019, a rise of 117% in the space of four years. Earlier this year, new car sales hit a 30-year low, while electric vehicle demand soared.

Is an EV more likely to get you a date?

UK top ten used car dealer, Big Motoring World, surveyed 2,000 UK adults and found that over a third (36%) would be more likely to consider dating someone if they own or drive an electric car. They also worked with the popular dating app Tinder to run a social experiment, using two almost identical accounts for one individual, except one had a front cover featuring a Tesla. Having this EV featured in the cover photo increased matches by an enormous 144%!

Darren Miller, Marketing Director at Big Motoring World commented saying, “I think I can speak for everyone when I say how surprising the results are – maybe a few more singletons will be joining the cause and becoming a fully-fledged ‘eco warrior’ now that they know there is the chance of a date!” 

He goes on to say, “In all seriousness though, the data does show how rapidly electric vehicles are gaining in popularity – the Google search data in particular is a real indicator of the interest that consumers have in exploring green options.”

Additionally, almost half of Brits (43%) revealed that they would be more likely to date someone if they were passionate about stopping climate change. More and more people are considering an eco-conscious individual to be a better-suited partner, making it an instant ‘green flag’ in dating. On the flip side, people have also expressed that someone not doing their bit for the environment can be an instant turn-off.

Are EV drivers more popular in certain locations?

Regional variation has given additional colour to the survey results. 60% of those living in Belfast said they would be more likely to date someone with an EV due to their passion for climate change. This was by far the highest result for the regions included. In second place was London, with 47.5%, followed by Bristol with 44.5%. Meanwhile, Manchester was at the bottom of the list with 39%.