The Future of Water Pumping

The Future Of Water Pumping
Franklin electric submersible pumps

Future of Water Pumping: Franklin Electric Submersible Pump and its Role in Green Energy Initiatives


There has been a push over the decades to convert to green energy. The reasons for this include wanting to save the planet. 

Things like a Franklin electric submersible pump are going to help us achieve green energy initiatives. How? Read on to learn more. 

What is a Submersible Pump? 

When people use submersible pumps, they are draining water, like groundwater, or pumping that same groundwater so that it can become drinking water or even water that firefighters use when they are putting out fires.

It can also drain wastewater and pump dirty water. In other words, it’s quite multi-functional. 

The best thing about it is that the pump won’t overheat, since it cools itself with the water that goes through it. You don’t want it to drain everything, though, since it can be damaged if there’s no water running through it to cool it down. 

What to Look for

You want to look at the following things when you’re going to get an electric submersible pump: 

  • The Capacity – How much it can pump per hour. This will depend on how much water you need pumped. 
  • The Delivery Head- This tells you how far into the water the pump can go and still work.
  • How it Shuts Down – While a pump can’t fully clear all the water in an area when set automatically, you could do it manually, but you need to monitor it and shut it down by hand at the right time. 
  • What Accessories it Has – Pumps mostly come with floats. Make sure that your model does. 

How it Helps the Environment

The main way that it helps the environment is by using up less energy than other types of pumps. This will also let it do the job much more efficiently and get rid of harmful wastewater, which can harm a lot of people and animals. 

It can also help people have clean drinking water, which is good for areas that might not be able to afford filtration plants. These pumps can make a lot of use of water that would otherwise stay stagnant and possibly cause health issues.

This will help both the Earth and the people. 

Are There Problems With These Pumps? 

Like everything else in the world, electric submersible pumps are not perfect. The main issue is that the seals can get waterlogged and break, which will then cause issues with the pump itself.

It really depends on the strength of the seal. Since the pump is underwater, that makes it very difficult to repair if the seal has been broken. Pump manufacturers like Franklin work on ensuring that the seal is strong. 

There are a lot of green energy initiatives out there that can help the environment. Electric submersible pumps are just one way to do that. The technology will continue to improve over the course of the upcoming decades and there will be pumps that can handle a lot of water without any issues.

The future looks bright.