Ganddee – UK App for Sustainable Shopping

Ganddee Uk App For Sustainable Shopping

Ganddee, the British startup looking to reshape the way you consume


As climate change continues to threaten our planet, more people are seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact through daily choices like where they shop. However, finding ethical and sustainable businesses in cities can be challenging given the overwhelming amount of options. When faced with countless stores and products, it’s difficult to know which ones actually align with your values.

Enter Ganddee – a new mobile app launched in London, UK, that’s making sustainable shopping effortless by cutting through the noise.

Founded by two software engineers, Antoine Rondelet and Ankit Agrawal, Ganddee maps hundreds of vetted sustainable businesses across London, UK, including charity shops, zero-waste stores, rental services, eco-friendly cafés, vegan restaurants, and more. Before starting Ganddee, Antoine realized many Londoners wanted to consume sustainably but faced obstacles.

“I talked to lots of Londoners worried about climate change and willing to consume more sustainably. However, most people didn’t know what to do or where to start and struggled with greenwashing claims,” Antoine explained. “They said they wanted to shop ethically but didn’t know how. They thought sustainability was expensive and lacked information to make responsible purchases.”

Ganddee tackles these pain points, busting myths and misconceptions around sustainable consumption while meeting people where they are. “We have enough of the doom and gloom. We like to focus on solutions instead of staring at the problem”, explains Antoine. Ganddee was created to empower consumers around the world to find sustainable alternatives to everyday goods and services with one click.

“Billions of people live in urban areas. We all mostly buy things we don’t produce and are thus disconnected from the social and environmental impact of the production” said Antoine. “This disconnect is an issue. We not only have no idea what we really buy, but dodgy marketers also exploit this gap to misrepresent facts and greenwash. Ganddee helps close this gap by following a data-driven listing approach. Shops are added to the app following a transparent listing process.”

“We build a business profile with all the sustainability claims and credentials we can find about a shop and consolidate all this data in a ‘Ganddee Record’ for each shop. Our users can access these records in one click on the app to gain more insights on the shops they’re about to visit. We do the research, users reap the rewards.”

Ganddee is part of the tech for good movement. Founded by Antoine (ex-Head of Research in London Fintech) and Ankit (ex-Amazon and ex-Shopify), Ganddee maps ethical shops, partners with sustainable brands for deals, and aims to reshape spending globally, the two co-founders explained.

“Consuming sustainably doesn’t have to cost more; second-hand, libraries of things, and ethical discounts can make it cheaper,” Antoine stated. “Informed purchases can reshape industries. We believe empowering conscious consumerism benefits people, communities, and our planet.”

Since launching, Ganddee has organically grown to over 700 sustainable listings. Their growing community of hundreds of engaged consumers helps suggest new shops on the app, and requests have already been received to expand beyond London.

“Small steps lead to big change. What we buy shapes the world. Governments are elected one ballot at a time, and industry-leading companies become so one purchase (or sale) at a time. Ganddee makes those transformational purchases a little bit easier. Our goal is to catalyze the transition to a more sustainable economy, where sustainable businesses attract more customers and consumers feel empowered instead of being left powerless watching the climate crisis unfolding in front of their eyes,” said Antoine.

As Ganddee expands, the two co-founders and the Ganddee team are fully committed to delivering on their bold mission to make sustainable consumption fun and accessible to everyone, everywhere.