Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Modifications To Your Home That Reduce Energy Waste and Save On Utility Bills


All over the world, inflation is causing stress for people. With grocery store and gas prices rising, the cost of living has been on a steady increase and is looking to continue that trend. Homeowners can have a little bit of relief by making small and easy changes in their homes. Below, we will look at some ways to get started on reducing the cost of energy bills. 

Per the Energy Information Administration, the cost of just heating your house may cost you 10% more this year. Adding that to all your other expenses, your bills can get out of hand rapidly. The good news is, there are multiple ways to make your energy usage better and reduce energy waste at your home.

ENERGY STAR | US EPAA good way to begin reducing energy is by making the switch to Energy Star appliances and devices. From LED lightbulbs to energy-efficient HVAC equipment, these products can help homeowners save money on their bills while keeping their home’s carbon footprint in check. Replacing every bad appliance at once might not be possible, however, if you make one upgrade at a time, you can still make a big change. 

Let’s say you get rid of an old refrigerator and replace it with a new Energy Star model, you may be able to save around $110 a year in electricity. Another benefit of these modern appliances is that it may help you qualify for a Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, which could mean more savings. 

Solar panels are also another great upgrade. Solar panel systems are becoming more inexpensive through federal and state tax incentives, which encourages the change to solar energy.

Along with helping take control of your electricity bills and reducing carbon emissions, these systems may yield a return with a local net energy metering (NEM) program. Programs such as these, allow individuals to get credits on their electricity bills for added electricity made and can be sent to the grid from their home system. 

Making even the smallest change can still make a huge difference. Buying a programmable smart thermostat helps the members of your house take control of the temperature for prime energy conversation through auto-scheduling. Another good choice is smart switches.

These switches have motion sensors that prevent excess electricity usage from lights that are left on.  Lastly, Energy Star-labeled ceiling fans are a good option, as opposed to conventional fans, because they can be up to 60% more efficient. 

Making these adjustments are only the tip of the iceberg for what is possible. For further ways to aid in lower your energy bills, please see the attached source.


Infographic Provided By Solar Panel Installation Company, Sunburst Solar