Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

What changes can you make to your home to make it more environmentally friendly?


If you’re looking to do your bit for the environment, then your home is a great place to start. This is because there are so many different ways to make them environmentally friendly and these methods vary in price. So, no matter your budget, there’s a sustainable change you can make to keep the carbon emissions in your home to a minimum.  

Making these changes will not only benefit you in becoming more sustainable and lowering your household bills – which we’re sure you’ll be pleased to hear given the recent price hikes – but you’ll also be supporting the government’s bid to make Britain carbon neutral by 2050.  

Get started today and make the following changes to your home to make it more environmentally friendly. 

Insulate your house  

Insulating your house is a great way of keeping your home warmer for longer as it prevents heat from escaping easily. Insulation can be put behind your walls or in your roof lining and can save you as much as £140 every year, making it well worth the investment. 

Get sustainable energy  

Swapping to more sustainable energy sources such as solar is a great idea as you won’t be relying on the grid as much for your electricity. Solar panels can be a large initial investment but you’ll make your money back down the line for sure.  

Don’t forget to utilize your garden  

Stop buying fruit and veg from the supermarket and grow it yourself! This will reduce your carbon footprint and is easy to do once you’ve got the right tools. Some of the essentials include Milwaukee mitre saws to build planters and sheers for the maintenance of your shrubbery. 

Double-glaze your windows  

Single-glazed windows are another feature that can lead to heat escaping your home easily. That’s why you should consider doubling up so that your home stays warmer for longer when you put the heating on.   

Swap out your old lightbulbs for LEDs 

LEDs are a much more energy-efficient type of lightbulb, which means they require less energy to run compared to old, conventional lightbulbs. These aren’t super costly either but can save you heaps of cash on your energy bills! 

Make these changes today to reap the rewards of having a sustainable home. You’ll feel better about your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills.