The Best Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

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The Best Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

By Cora Gold


Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and honor your mom for all her sacrifices and efforts to raise you. Luckily, you can keep up with sustainability by providing her with fabulous eco-friendly gifts. 

The general premise of staying eco-friendly with gift-giving is to figure out what your mom truly likes and will use. If it doesn’t go to waste, she will be happy and you will help the environment simultaneously. 


1. Zero Waste Makeup


A mother’s beauty is achieved with grace, natural charm, a little powder and a swipe of lip balm. Some zero-waste makeup brands utilize paperboard or other sustainable forms of product containers. Some beauty packaging reaches almost 120 billion units of garbage every year. Make a conscious purchase to avoid contributing to that amount.


2. Reusable Cotton Pads


When your mom is ready to take off her makeup at the end of the day, reusable cotton pads will be her best friend. These circular pieces of fabric can replace single-use cotton pads since they are machine-washable. Add on your makeup removal product and wipe off the dirt and grime. Put them through a cycle with your other laundry.


3. Vegan Skincare Set


Opt for vegan skincare products instead of regular ones. Most brands in this category are more eco-conscious and fewer synthetic chemicals are used during production. Veganism also means the products are free from animal testing, so you’re sure your furry friends are safe with those brands.


4. DIY Bath Bombs


If you have baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid and Epsom salt lying around, don’t let them go to waste. Create some DIY bath bombs to give your mom a relaxing tub session. Combine these dry ingredients and mix in a bit of water. Add a few drops of essential oils with your mom’s favorite scent, too. Once it turns into a dry-like paste, clump it into a ball and add it to a glass jar.


5. Sustainable Perfumes


If your mother loves different scents, look for a sustainable perfume. These products, like a stainless steel jar, typically come in minimal and reusable packaging. They also use natural ingredients to avoid creating a carbon footprint. Look for a traditional spray perfume formula or a solid balm since they utilize less water during manufacturing.


6. Reusable Water Bottle


Everyone needs to hydrate every day, including your mom. Give her a high-quality reusable water bottle for travel on the go, removing reliance on disposable bottles. The BPA-free plastic shell and stainless steel lining maintain a beverage’s temperature for hours, so it’s always ready to drink. If your mom loves coffee, throw a few extra Fairtrade coffee beans into the mix.


7. Organic Clothing


Synthetic clothing materials can build up plenty of waste, so consider buying organic clothing. Cotton and wool are perfect if your mother lives in cold climate areas. If she wants new shoes, introduce her to a sustainable pair. Some brands utilize breathable fabrics, but more unique pairs like plant-based sneakers exist. This variation is biodegradable and compostable.


8. Recycled Paper Cards


Mothers love receiving letters from their kids, so consider creating a card. Tree conservation is imperative as they filtrate almost 48 pounds of greenhouse gases. Pour out your feelings on recycled paper, which you can make with scrap paper and water. Blend it all and shape it before allowing it to air dry for a few days.


9. An E-Book Set


If your mom is a big reader, consider getting her into e-books. Get her list and gift her a set on her e-reader. Google Play Books and Apple Books can also send a title to your loved one for you as well. Check in with her to see if she received the present.


10. Online Subscriptions


Another eco-friendly gift that uses zero materials is online subscriptions. Platforms like Spotify and Netflix offer digital gift cards you can buy and send to your mother. Give her a month free of entertainment or splurge with a six-month or 12-month subscription.


11. Experience-Based Gifts


Experiential gifts are sustainable since they require fewer resources than a traditional present. Take them to a high-end restaurant or bring them to a live theater. If your mother wants a more productive day, schedule yourselves to a class or arrange a hike.


12. Acts of Service


Mothers show so much love through acts of service. While rewarding, about 47% of mothers say being a parent can be tiring all or most of the time. Take the brunt of the day by preparing meals and cleaning the home for them. You can also give them a nice long massage.


Bring a Sustainable Present for Your Mom


There are endless options when it comes to sustainable presents for your mom. The perfect one is what you think she’ll love and cherish the most. And if all goes well, your gift will be a gateway to your mother’s future sustainability efforts.

About the Author:

Cora Gold is a sustainability writer who aims to live a healthy, low-waste lifestyle. Read more from Cora in Revivalist magazine, LinkedIn, and Twitter.