geothermal district heating in Iceland

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Geothermal district heating in Iceland

Situated directly on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland is one of the most geothermally active locations in the world. The country experiences moderate summers and often bone-chilling winters. An environmentally-friendly heating solution, that takes advantage of the country’s geographic position, while meeting the unique needs of the residents and businesses dealing with the often chilly climate, is sensible. 

The use of geothermal district heating in Iceland began nearly 100 years ago. Over the past 85 years, the country and its citizens have worked diligently to perfect the system. The people and government have transformed Iceland into one of the global leaders in geothermal district heating, as well as geothermal power. The capital Reykjavik kicked things off in 1930 by heating a small elementary school with an infant version of the technology.

Today, the city provides heat to 95% of the over 120,000 population with geothermal district heating. Outside of Reykjavik, the use of geothermal district heating in Iceland is widespread. Almost 90% of the heating and hot water in the country is provided via geothermal heating, while petroleum, coal and other energy sources make up the remaining percentage; however Iceland also uses geothermal power in over 50% of its energy sources, some of which goes towards electric heating systems. 

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