green city: Portland

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Urban Planning 

Portland, Oregon, has implemented extensive green urban planning. The city has developed over 92,000 acres of green spaces with a connected system of trails and parks ideal for walking and biking. Portland has the highest rate of biking to work of any U.S. city and was one of the first cities in the world to develop a master plan for pedestrians. Transit options include bus service and options unique to this city such as the MAX light rail, WES commuter rail and the Portland streetcar.

Portland is a beautiful environmentally progressive city that has taken the concept of open space planning to heart. The adoption of an urban growth boundary in 1979 has helped protect lands outside of the city while encouraging density and vibrancy within the city limits. Portland is notable for having almost 6,000 acres in their Forest Park, the 5th largest municipal park in the country. At the same time, master planning efforts have given equal attention to livability and open space within the city, so that Portland today boasts around 250 parks and recreational sites.

Portland gets a large amount of its energy from renewable energy, mostly imported hydroelectricity (over 60% since 2007). In 2013, 70% of Oregon's net electricity generation was from conventional hydroelectric power plants and other renewable energy resources. Over 20 years, Portland has worked on a City Energy Challenge Program and has mandated strict ecological and waste management programs.

Portland has required that all new construction and remodeling of municipal buildings conform to guidelines set by the U.S. Green Building Council. Government buildings require recycling, and residents have followed suit. The entire metro area of Portland recycles over 60% of its waste, on average. This city also features a unique curbside composting system. 

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