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Yearly Archives: 2023

10 Ways to Create Green Spaces for Cities

10 Ways Cities Can Create Sustainable Green Spaces by Jane Marsh | Thankfully, new agricultural techniques and restorative practices are bringing green back to the planet (thanks to sustainable agriculture and reforestation). But what about the places where green spaces are more sparse, such as city environments?

Eco-Capital – Oslo, Norway

Oslo: Net Zero Future | Oslo has fleets of a municipal grid fed almost entirely by renewable energy (RE). Oslo not only sources electricity for public mass transit from RE, but also uses RE sources to provide electricity for every other sector of the city’s economy as well. Norway leads the world in electric vehicle (EV) sales, and the majority of new cars sold are EVs...

Regenerative Agriculture and Plant-Based Diets

Regenerative agriculture creates carbon sinks; turning farms into healthy ecosystems that sequester carbon with plentiful plant life, while also producing crops for food. Land use practices that favor organic plant growth in addition to food crops, polyculture, healthy ecosystems, soil nutrition, cover crops, carbon farming, and low tillage...

Vauban and the Plus-Energy Sun Ship

Vauban is a zero-emission district in Freiburg, Germany, known for plus-energy buildings. A plus-energy building is an energy efficient building that produces more energy, from renewable energy sources, than it consumes. Most electricity for buildings in Vauban is derived from rooftop solar. Residences in the Sun Ship are all plus-energy buildings with rooftop solar.

Austin – A Sustainable City

Eco-friendly Capital | Austin, Texas, is emerging as a leader in renewable energy, community solar, and LEED building efficiency technologies. Austin's local sustainability organizations work to improve the city's carbon footprint and to make strides towards a renewable energy based local economy...
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10 Ways to Create Green Spaces for Cities 48926 2023

10 Ways to Create Green Spaces for Cities 48926 2023