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Best Practices in Multi-Site Construction

Addressing Challenges In Multi-Site Construction


Managing operations across multiple construction sites requires numerous moving parts to work in sync. To find success, adopting effective strategies designed to optimize performance, implement sustainable construction practices, and streamline project completion is key. Below, we’ll briefly go over two of the major challenges multi-site construction projects currently face as well as the right tactics to overcome them going forward.

First up, one issue plaguing the industry is poor communication and its impact on project coordination. Given the complexity of these endeavors, errors may be expected along the way, however, serious miscommunications could jeopardize the entire undertaking. From a lack of proper channels to geographical barriers hindering effective collaboration, there are many potential issues when it comes to communication.

Thankfully, there are also many ways to improve communication and collaboration strategies across sites. A great approach is to invest in sophisticated communication technology. For instance, by leveraging cloud-based platforms, those in charge can securely share documents and deliver real-time updates to keep everyone on the same page. It can also provide greater project tracking capabilities to streamline collaboration across teams, regardless of location.

Along the same lines is implementing a robust project management system. Doing so can centralize communication as well as all manner of site-related data. This helps ensure stakeholders, contractors and project managers have access to the latest updates and information. With having such access in place, an organization may better promote cross-functional collaboration and gain its benefits, such as stronger relationships, enriched innovation and enhanced problem-solving capabilities.

Another issue is poor compliancy adherence. Whenever a project is underway, there are risks. As such, managing compliance and safety concerns is crucial to mitigating risk and preventing potentially devastating errors. Addressing this challenge calls for a modern approach to comprehensive training for all personnel and the implementation of standardized methodologies, materials and design elements across sites. Adopting such a thorough approach helps ensure worker adherence to safety protocols while maintaining consistency and quality.

Technology can also come into play in this regard. Advanced software is available that can supply a single dashboard featuring compiled information and assessments from each construction site. With this, essential forms, checklists and compliance reports may be monitored and shared more effectively to enhance overall organization and compliancy adherence across sites.

These are just a few of the best practices that can be utilized to address common challenges in the industry. If you would like to learn more about the best practices in multi-site construction, please see the accompanying resource from Sevan Multi-Site Solutions for further information.

Infographic provided by construction management services company, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions


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