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De-stress E-Bike Ownership

How To Take The Stress Out Of E-Bike Ownership


E-bikes are a sizeable investment that need to be safeguarded wherever possible. They also come with many responsibilities that will require your attention. 

After all, these instruments are becoming more popular with the years. For example, millions of pounds have been invested to make the UK more cycle-friendly, with many people turning to it as a way to avoid public transport during the pandemic. E-bikes are a sustainable technological triumph, increasingly drifting away from the fringes of society to rightfully take up a more centralized position. 

Still, you need to take stock of some considerations before you can consider yourself a savvy owner of an e-bike. Here are a few tips on how to take the stress out of your own period of ownership.  

Invest in Maintenance 


Just as you would fine tune a car overtime, e-bikes need a degree of TLC also. The efficiency of your e-bike, and your safety in its riding, is only guaranteed through regular maintenance work, so respecting that fact is the best place to begin. 

Deflated tires and shoddy suspensions are just some of the issues that can beset an e-bike. Faults can also be found in the brakes on occasion, so checking things there before a ride is detrimental to your safety also. Obviously, e-bikes are dependent on electricity, so ensuring that the battery is fully charged and that the cables are correctly inserted are the final points of inspection. If you pick up on any major faults, consult experts who can safely rectify the issues for you.  

Basic cleaning and lubrication practices should not be ignored either and both you can do yourself. You need a gentle hand here, as high-pressure sprays from a hose, for example, can force dirt into crevices of all the gadgetry, creating further problems. Lubricate the chains too, and your e-bike should have a nicer feel of fluidity when used. 

Review Paperwork


E-bikes are expensive investments, so it stands to reason that you can expect some beneficial paperwork to back up your purchase. This can mean that skilled technicians can replace components and repair all components without breaking your bank.  

A warranty can be enormously useful. Knowing that help is to hand when anything goes wrong with your e-bike is reassuring and might just help you ease up to enjoy your e-bike all the more instead of treating it like expensive china on fragile wheels. 

There is also a great deal to be said for quality insurance too. Velosurance offer great deals on bike insurance in the USA, meaning things like theft, loss, and damage become minor bumps in the road instead of full-scale reasons for panic. Context does not matter. Whether your bike is stolen from any secure location or damaged in a group race, it is covered. In the end, that level of flexibility is invaluable, giving you a stress-free experience moving forward.  

Split Ownership


Unlike a car, anyone can use an e-bike. They are highly valuable, but not quite as ‘precious’ as an automobile, which means they are great for sharing.  

Some foreign cities have e-bike hire schemes, meaning that people can use them without feeling the pressure of full ownership. Residents put down an affordable deposit, and then they are free to use the e-bikes for up to 2 weeks before handing it over. Everybody shares, and none are solely responsible for looking after the thing for lengthy periods. 

These kinds of schemes do not seem to be readily available in America just yet, but you can apply the basic principle to those you live with. Share the e-bike with those in your household, and you can split all the costs and worries between you all. You will not be alone in your commitment, and you and your fellow riders may also have some common ground to discuss. 

Be Security Conscious


If something is becoming more popular overtime, the chances of theft likely go up. 

Recently, 2 suspects were wanted for stealing 6 e-bikes worth a total of $10,000 in Brooklyn, so it is important not to play into the hands of such criminals. Expensive and sought-after items can bring a lot of stress when worrying about theft, so if you own an e-bike yourself, it is only natural to want to keep it safe and secure.

You can enquire with admin personnel ahead of your journey and see if they have bike lockers available. If there are no lockers, fastening the bike to a dedicated rack area with a diligent surveillance system in place could do the trick. 

You can also install your own cameras, whether they sit upon your bike as a dashcam would or survey your home the way a CCTV system would. Criminals can easily cut away chain and cable locks with the right tools, so a u-lock will likely work best in your favor when securing the e-bike too. Ultimately, the more preventative measures you can take here, the better.


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