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Eco-Friendly Travels With Your Pet

Exploring Green Cities: A Guide for Eco-Friendly Travels With Your Pet


Pet tourism is on the rise as more pet owners are planning to travel with their fur babies. According to a recent survey, two-thirds of pet owners would like to bring their pet whenever they travel. Moreover, pet parents are more than willing to adjust their travel plans to accommodate their pet as 83 percent of pet owners said that they altered their travel plans to meet their pets’ needs.

As a result, a growing number of cities and popular travel destinations are adding more facilities to attract tourists with pets, and some have even included features and amenities to make pet travel more sustainable. If you’re planning to go to a new city for a holiday with your dog or cat, here are some eco-friendly tips to consider for a fun and sustainable trip.

Look for Green and Pet-Friendly Accommodation


Some of the greenest cities in the world, such as Sydney, are dedicated to making homes safe and secure for pets. It’s the reason why these cities also have pet-friendly hotels, bed and breakfasts, and AirBnBs, making travel more convenient for fur parents. If you’re planning to go to Sydney, consider staying at eco-friendly hotels that accommodate pets, such as the Crystalbrook Albion.

This hotel gives guests dining and drinking credits if they pledge to commit to a Footprint-Free Stay. Apart from being eco-friendly, this establishment also has pet-friendly rooms on the ground floor so you can have easy access to the outside. Amenities like pet beds, food bowls, and water bowls are also provided, so you don’t have to worry about packing these things for your trip. 

Meanwhile, for those who are looking to have a holiday in Europe, consider Copenhagen. This city is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2025, and it has plenty of green, open spaces where you can take your pet for a stroll. There’s no shortage of pet-friendly hotels either, so you can book a stay at the Bryggen Guldsmeden, which is a 4-star eco resort. There’s also the Huxley Copenhagen, which is 100 percent powered by wind energy and they allow one dog of any size per room for an additional fee. 

Bring Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags and Diapers


Changes in routine can affect your pet’s elimination habits, so it’s likely that your fur baby will be pooping more or less than usual while you’re on holiday. Keep in mind that this is normal though, so be prepared for any unscheduled poops by stashing some biodegradable pet waste bags in your bag. Bring more than what you think is necessary since these may not be readily available in some cities.

Also, consider bringing biodegradable dog diapers for your pooch since some destinations require pets to wear them in public places, such as the mall. In Manila, for instance, pets are allowed to enter premiere malls such as SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City and Greenbelt in Makati City, provided that they’re leashed and wearing a diaper. 

Choose Sustainable Travel Options and Experiences


It may be fun to go to a popular tourist destination with your pet outside city limits, but going there means having to rent a vehicle or going on public transportation. If you really want to visit places outside the city, think about lowering your carbon footprint by renting an electric vehicle for the day. Don’t like the idea of driving in an unfamiliar city? Book rideshares that offer green transport.

In New York City, you can choose an electric car from companies like Uber and Lyft. NYC is the first city in the world to mandate EV rideshare fleets by 2030, and currently there are 10,000 EV rideshares in The Big Apple. You can also request pet-friendly rides by choosing this option on the ride hailing app of your choice, so it’s possible to book a pet-friendly EV for your trip. 

Another way to travel sustainably with your pet is by seeking pet-focused places and events within the city. Check if there are any nearby dog parks, pet cafes, or other places of interest that welcome pets. For example, if you’re in Roswell in New Mexico, you can take your pet with you to visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center. This famous destination is surprisingly pet-friendly, but make it a point to arrive early since they close at 5pm. If you’re in Washington DC, head to the National Arboretum, where leashed dogs are allowed to explore more than 400 acres of open space. 

Traveling with your fur baby opens up a whole new world of exciting experiences, so check out some of the best green cities in the world for your next adventure. Remember to keep sustainability in mind during your trip, and have a safe and enjoyable time exploring new cities with your pet. 


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