Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

How to make your home more energy efficient


Energy prices have come down but are still high, so many people are looking for ways to reduce their usage.

You can make an impact by changing a few of your habits – for example, switching plugs off at the wall and keeping curtains drawn – but they’ll only make a small difference.

To make a real impact, you’re likely going to have to spend a bit of money. The benefits you could reap mean it might just be worth saving up for, though.

Upgrade your windows

Windows are assessed on energy-efficiency qualities and receive a rating from E to A++. This rating considers heat loss, draughts and solar gain.

You’ll make the biggest savings on your energy bills by installing A++ windows – potentially up to £235 a year if replacing single glazing.

You could also opt for triple glazing, but be aware this isn’t always more efficient than double glazing.

Install solar panels

The benefit of having solar panels is that you can use the energy you produce – and get paid for what you don’t use if it goes back into the national grid.

The amount of people currently working from home has increased substantially because of the pandemic. If you envision having a remote job for the long term, you could recoup your costs quicker because you’ll use most of the energy you produce and therefore have cheaper bills.

Get a heat pump

If your boiler is on the way out, it might be worth considering moving to a heat pump instead of a like-for-like replacement.

The Government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme means you could get £5,000 off the cost and installation of an air source heat pump or biomass boiler; a ground source heat pump qualifies for a £6,000 discount. Having to pay zero VAT makes installation even cheaper too.

Heat pumps have lower running costs, require less maintenance and can provide cooling during hot summers. Cold weather can damage the systems, though, so they might not be the best solution the further north you go in the UK.

Upgrade your insulation

If you don’t have the budget for the major works that will likely be required for most of the above, you could look to update your insulation.

It’s a quick and easy job and will quickly pay for itself – just be sure to have any damp issues in your loft checked and fixed before installing insulation.

Underfloor and cavity wall insulation could also be options worth considering. They’ll help keep your home warm in colder weather and cool when the temperature outside climbs.