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Why modern glulam homes are relevant and their advantages


In today’s world, where ecological sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly important, the glued timber homes from represent an ideal solution for those aiming for a comfortable and conscious lifestyle. Let’s explore why Modern Glulam Homes are relevant today and the advantages they offer.

Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability


Modern Sustainable Glulam HomesOne of the key advantages of glued timber homes is their eco-friendliness. The material is produced from renewable sources and has excellent thermal insulation properties, reducing the need for fossil fuels for heating and cooling the home.
This makes the Modern Glulam Homes from not only a sustainable choice but also economically beneficial.


Strength and Durability


The glued timber used in construction undergoes special treatment that gives it high strength and resistance to external influences such as moisture, fungus, and pests. This means that Modern Glulam Homes last longer, require less maintenance, and are a great investment for many years.


Modern Design and Individuality


Homes from are distinguished not only by their high construction quality but also by their modern design. Thanks to the flexibility of glued timber, virtually any architectural idea can be realized, from classic to ultra-modern projects. More than 50 design projects offer a wide choice for any taste and needs.


Fast Construction and Move-in


Modern Sustainable Glulam HomesWith the use of prefabricated elements, the construction of a glued timber home takes significantly less time than traditional methods.
. promises that you can move into your new home within just 6 months of starting construction.



Healthy Indoor Climate


Glued timber homes contribute to a healthy indoor climate. Wood “breathes,” regulating humidity in the room and promoting comfortable living conditions.

In conclusion, Modern Glulam Homes from represent an ideal blend of eco-friendliness, durability, modern design, and comfort. This makes them a relevant and attractive choice for modern families seeking a quality and conscious life.

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