World cities can mandate policies with the goal of lowering greenhouse gases (GHGs) in order to fight climate change iin order to meet the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) made at the Paris Climate Accord; by implementing policies that mitigate global warming by mandating lower GHG emissions, and policies prioritizing the implementation of clean and efficient energy technologies.

Here are examples of world cities taking the lead on climate:

Paris - Curbing Auto Emissions for Cleaner Air

Olso - Climate Goals: Is Oslo Leading the Way?

San Diego - Profiles in Sustainable Cities

(and please also see the Green City Times article on Desalination for information about the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere; in Carlsbad, San Diego)

Chicago - A Sustainable City

Austin, Texas

And, here are the rankings for Green City Times top 10 greenest cities in the world>>>


The TOP 10 greenest cities in the world (as determined by Green City Times):

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland  
  2. Vaxjo, Sweden  
  3. Freiburg, Germany 
  4. Vancouver, Canada  
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark  
  6. London, UK 
  7. Curitiba, Brazil 
  8. Portland, Oregon, US 
  9. San Diego, California, US 
  10. Oslo, Norway 

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