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3 Energy Efficient Lifestyle Tips

3 Surprising Ways To Live a More Energy Efficient Lifestyle


Living a more energy efficient lifestyle is not just about swapping out your bulbs or turning off the tap—though those are great places to start. It’s about making conscious decisions that reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Explore three surprising ways to live a more energy efficient lifestyle.

Drive With Biodiesel


People will smell you coming, but in a good way: biodiesel, a renewable energy source made from organic oils and fats, is an unsung innovation in energy efficiency. It burns cleaner than traditional diesel, and the exhaust it creates smells a bit like fried food! Biodiesel helps reduce harmful emissions and its impact on the environment. 

For those looking to make an eco-friendly switch in their vehicles, exploring biodiesel options is a less expensive step toward a greener lifestyle than buying an electric car. If you already own a diesel car, you can just start using the recommended biodiesel blend for your make and model. Remember to check your car’s manual to make sure using biodiesel won’t void the warranty. 

Otherwise, you can buy a biodiesel conversion kit for far less than an electric car costs. But first, check the availability of biodiesel in your area. Local restaurants may donate their used cooking oil to organizations that filter it and convert it through a chemical process to useable biodiesel fuel.

Use Power Strips As Standby Savers


A simple yet effective method to cut down on energy waste is through the strategic use of power strips. Electronic devices such as televisions, chargers, and computers continue to draw power even when turned off, a phenomenon known as “phantom load.” Devices that still consume energy when turned off are “energy vampires.” 

By plugging devices into a power strip and turning the power strip off when you’re not using the devices, you cut the power supply, preventing unnecessary energy consumption. This easy switch can lead to significant savings on your electricity bill and is a step forward in adopting an energy-efficient lifestyle. 

Gas and Wood Burning Stoves and Heat Pump Air Conditioners


Choosing an efficient heating system can make a world of difference in your energy consumption. Efficient gas and wood burning stoves offer a cozy ambience while being surprisingly economical, especially models designed with energy conservation in mind. 

Meanwhile, heat pump window air conditioners represent a leap in technology, providing both cooling and heating solutions with remarkable energy efficiency without the need for an expensive whole-house heat pump. Investing in these modern heating and cooling options can lead to long-term savings and a smaller carbon footprint.

Some energy efficient lifestyle options apply as much to apartment living as they do to living in a single family home. Implementing eco-friendly apartment living tips, including adding indoor plants, choosing sustainable furniture, and using efficient LED bulbs can help you make the most of your living situation while staying green.

Adopting an energy efficient lifestyle, even with small steps, contributes to a larger goal of sustainability and energy conservation.


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